Acupuncture Meridians Charts

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An acupuncture meridian guide can be considered as the chart to follow when looking for the right spots to target depending on the reason for acupuncture. Acupuncture emerged from China and it is believed that meridians are channels through which the body ‘s life force (called Chi) flows. When the flow is stopped or interrupted then ailments will ensure. Thus an acupuncture meridian chart is used to display the vital points that need to be targeted and attended to through acupuncture.

An acupuncture meridian chart will display twelve main meridians. Moreover the inner path ways will also be displayed in an acupuncture meridian chart. Six of the twelve pathways are regarded as yin while the other six is regarded as yang. You will also find in the acupuncture meridian chart, that there are eight extra channels in acupuncture, that are believed to be reservoirs which supply chi and blood to the twelve main meridians.

To restore the balance in a person’s body and thereby cure him or her of whatever ailment they may possess, an acupuncturist will use the acupuncture meridian chart as a guide. The acupuncture meridian chart will have each meridian name after an organ or function. For Instance, the lung, the stomach, the gallbladder,the spleen, the kidneys, the heart, the small and large intestines, the urinary bladder and other primary organs would be the main meridians that can be found in an acupuncture meridian chart. In addition to the different meridian points of the body, the acupuncture meridian chart can also be used to determine the specific diseases related with a particular point of the body.

Thus the acupuncturist will use the acupuncture meridian chart to target select areas depending on the ailment and will work towards unblocking any stagnant chi which is considered to be the cause of the ailment. Thus, the acupuncture meridian chart will help an acupuncturist immensely to locate the particular points of the body related to the illness and in turn improving the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Sometimes however the area of treatment and the area of acupuncture can vary.The area of acupuncture completely depends on the acupuncture meridian chart and the chi that needs to be worked on.

Normally,the acupuncture meridians charts gives out the details of the meridian points of the body in Chinese. Nonetheless today, due to the immense popularity and demand for acupuncture, the acupuncture meridian chart is also available in English.

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