Chiropractor Says Freehold headaches and migraines no longer control your life

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Living with headaches is difficult when you cause to be miserable, irritable, and looks much older than you really are. The frustration that your friends and family do not understand what you are going through
more visits than physicians, MRI and CT -. Who do not find there is nothing wrong

And that’s not all … try one drug after another, feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round of medication to be sedated, the loss of the quality of your life.
All this is enough to make all want to scream! <Br
> For years I have helped patients with neck tension, headaches and migraines live without pain
Every week I hear how people who suffer from headaches tell me: .
“I feel like my head is in a vise.
“My eyes hurt and I feel so sleepy.
“I have to fix.
“I’ve had migraines since childhood. “” Muscle tension in the neck and pain in his shoulders. ”
They tell me they are sick and tired of jumping from a headache medicine to another. Here’s what I mean …
“I’m tired of being seen as someone who is only there to get drugs. I just want HELP. I do not know why it is so difficult for people to understand. I want to get help, and I want to get rid of headaches, “
These are the facts: ..
1) Approximately 22 million women are affected by migraine in the United States

2) Medical science has discovered that most headaches are caused by damaged structures around the neck as joints, ligaments, muscles and cervical discs, all of which have complex nerve endings.
3) Research has shown some natural treatments are a great success with headaches – even better than a massage and medicines -.? and without side effects
Would you get rid of these debilitating headaches present-Bank Imagine being able to live life like a normal person again, without pain and headaches -. be able to play with your kids, spending time with friends and not have to worry that your headache you hit just the wrong time
By doing a thorough consultation headaches, a comprehensive review neuromuscular and skeletal head and neck, checking the toxicity of the whole body, the evaluation of adrenal and biofeedback whole body, the doctor can find the cause of your problem. With the appropriate recommendation of the foods you should never eat, your headaches could be the thing of the past. Could This Be Your
Drugless Treatment Headache solution too?
Many studies have shown the benefits of spinal adjustments in patients with headache
study Bolin:.
This study compared two groups of headache patients, half went to chiropractic adjustments, the other half took amitriptyline, a drug often prescribed for the treatment of severe tension headaches. After six weeks of researchers has found that chiropractic patients experienced virtually no side effects. And only the chiropractic patients continued to report fewer headaches when treatment completion
study duke.
medical experts concluded that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement in headache. The patients also had significantly fewer side effects relief and longer duration of headaches that a drug commonly prescribed.
Headaches are not normal recurring
There is no doubt that if you have a headache then something is wrong. Pain is the way your body telling you something is wrong. Find and correct the problem that has got to be the top priority! Search
, you have very little risk and much to gain. Why suffer With years of misery? How many years can treat your body to take a pill after another? It is the medical approach to hide any symptoms. This approach leads to many side effects and more problems on the road.
This is not a way of life, not when there could be a simple solution to your problem. Many drugs are available against the pain very addictive and can have dramatic side effects. Try another approach that is the cause and addresses. We take the approach of finding the cause of your headaches, correct and restore a painless, enjoyable life!
Dr. Russell is the founder of Brokstein Hometown Family Wellness Center in Freehold New Jersey. He specialized in family health for over 12 years and has a unique approach to achieve results with his patients that health practitioners have failed with others. He consults chiropractic and wellness enjoys educating society on obtaining optimal health and wellness without the use of drugs or surgery. Visit my website for more information or health to see our videos and reports on the secrets to relieve back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches or wrist pain.

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